Creative Business Champions

The Creative Business Champions Free Webinar Series is proudly brought to you by the Regional Arts Services Network. This series will offer the opportunity to attend free webinars hosted by Creative Business Champions. Each of the webinars will be recorded and made available on the RASN website for you to re-watch and share with your networks.


This series will cover topics from our CBC’s expertise including:

  • Grant writing: The basics
  • Arts Marketing AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Understanding music publishing: Special guest Lara Baker, Songtrust UK
  • Introduction to social impact in the arts: Socially and community-engaged practice
  • Workshop – SWOT analysis of your visual arts business
  • For Us…. By Us…. Developing and supporting Indigenous-led programming
  • Tapping into Cultural Tourism Webinar Series

Email [email protected] to register your interest in attending any of the below webinars.

CBC Webinar program – November 2021

Grant writing and fundraising – 18th November
Arts marketing & digital competency – 19th November

Do you have questions about arts marketing? Here’s your chance to pick the brains of three Queensland-based arts marketing stalwarts. CBC arts marketing mentor Elliott Bledsoe will be joined by two arts marketing experts to share marketing communications tips, tricks and pitfalls. This casual session will give you a whole hour to ask your marketing questions, so have them ready.

Thriving in the live music industry – 23rd November

Discussion of 30-40 mins and goes through master vs pub rights, performance and mechanical royalties, PROs, CMOs and how royalties are collected, what a publisher does, the difference between a pub administrator and a traditional publishing deal, Songtrust’s deal/service etc. It will very much covers the basics and allow space for additional questions. 

Driving social outcomes through the arts – 26th November

An introductory discussion including:
● Different types of practices in the Community Engaged Arts Practice (CEAP) and Socially Engaged Arts Practice (SEAP) areas
● What does social impact mean in this climate crisis, pandemic world?
● How to navigate the relationship of face to face interactions with online realities of the future?
● How to navigate the division between communities’ economic circumstances?
● How is social impact defined by arts funding bodies?”

Business growth and arts leadership: Visual arts – 29th November
Let’s Talk About Money – 2nd December

The 7Ps of arts marketing – How to build a strong brand – 3rd December
Working On Your Business, Not In It – 6th December
Sustainability Lift Off – 10th December
Choosing a business structure:
Understand ownership and governance considerations when setting up a new entity – 14th December
The Understanding Contemporary Arts and Creative Therapies



Ruth Atkinson

Nancy Bamaga

Sharee Bauld

Elliott Bledsoe

Ant McKenna

Shelley Pisani

Sonia Louise Cozens

Dr. Erica Rose Jeffrey

Stuart Watters

Athol Young

Dr Louise Mayhew

Mentor ship program registration – closes on 19 November 2021

This is an exceptional opportunity to connect with leaders in the arts and cultural sector.  Creative Business Champions can’t do the work for you, but will become your champion and guide, providing expertise, knowledge, guidance and access to networks.

The Creative Business Hub will be available until December 2021.


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